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For Employers

Amwell: The best employee
benefit ever

At A Glance

See why top employers choose Amwell.

Features & Benefits

Faster, easier doctor visits.


Best practices for employers.


We answer common questions that we hear from employers across the country.

At a Glance

At a Glance

A benefit that makes HR look like a hero

A benefit that makes HR look like a hero.

Amwell combines best-in-class telehealth technology with Online Care Group’s 24x7x365 clinical services. The result is an exceptional consumer experience. Patients connect for live video visits with the physician of their choice in under 2 minutes, via smartphone, tablet, or web.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

High quality, affordable care.

Offering telehealth to your employees can help reduce your medical spend, save your employees time, and improve their access to care. Your employees and your bottom line will love it.

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High quality, affordable care.


24/7/365 on-demand consults
Dedicated employee portal
Live web and mobile video consults
Customizable provider network
Integrated into benefits plan
Utilization and ROI reports
Patient choice of physician
Custom logo and text
Encounter record maintained and accessible
Branded digital marketing materials
Integrated e-prescribing
Flexible pricing to employee
Real-time eligibility and claims integration
Clinical information to address gaps in care
Phone, chat, and secure messaging available
Telehealth Best Practices Ebook


Telehealth Best Practices Ebook

Telehealth best practices for employers.

Employers of all sizes across the country are implementing telehealth to save money on medical costs, improve employee access to care and productivity, and to deliver a great benefit that employees love. Download the ebook to learn best practices for employers considering telehealth and how to launch to get the best results.

FAQs: You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

FAQs: You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

About Us

Who is American Well?

American Well is the nation’s leading telehealth company, founded by Dr. Ido Schoenberg and Dr. Roy Schoenberg in 2007, and headquartered in Boston, MA. We currently serve over five hundred employers, payers, delivery systems, governments and retail pharmacies. We are the nationally deployed solution in service to over 130M consumers today.

What is Amwell?

Amwell offers 24/7/365 access to US Board Certified physicians and Registered Dietitians. Amwell’s HIPAA compliant platform enables patients to immediately and securely connect with a licensed physician via web, mobile, or kiosk. The full service telehealth program includes:

  • The only fully staffed on-demand mobile video telehealth service available on the market today
  • Patient choice of clinician and ability to choose the same doctor again
  • Live web and mobile video consults
  • Real-time eligibility and claims processing for seamless benefit plan integration
  • Complete record of each encounter maintained and accessible by the patient
  • Integrated e-prescribing for fulfillment at local pharmacies
  • Simple payment with credit, debit or HSA/FSA cards
  • Options to customize, brand, and tailor the telehealth program to your employees’ needs

What are the benefits of Amwell?

Amwell’s service meets the increasing demand for easy access to convenient, affordable care. With our service, employers can:

  • Reduce medical cost. Each visit results in an average $140 in medical savings, based on replacement of higher cost settings such as the ER, urgent care, and even in-office visits.
  • Saving time. On average, a visit with Amwell saves 2-3 hours, and over 85% of visits resolve the patient’s issue completely, with no need for any follow-up care.
  • Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism. 50% of visits save paid work time.
  • Improve access. Employees and their families appreciate immediate access to doctors, day or night. For employees on the road, in rural locations, or living in underserved areas, telehealth can be the difference between having access to medical care and not. With the Affordable Care Act further straining provider supply, telehealth is a great solution to quickly provide employees with the care they need.
  • Increasing employee satisfaction. Telehealth is a cost savings benefit that employees love. 93% of users would recommend the service to a friend.

When do patients use telehealth?

Patients can use Amwell for a wide range of services. Amwell most commonly treats acute, episodic symptoms and conditions, but there have been over 1,200 unique diagnoses on the system. American Well also has experience deploying deeper clinical applications of telehealth services, such as support for advanced clinical initiatives (ACO’s, PCMH), medical homes, chronic disease care, and behavioral healthcare. Some of the most common diagnoses that doctors have made on Amwell include:

  • Acute Bronchitis
  • Cough
  • Acute Sinusitis
  • Acute Pharyngitis
  • Acute Cystitis
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Acute Conjunctivitis
  • Painful Urination
  • Influenza
  • Respiratory Infection
  • Headache
  • Strep Throat
  • Smoking Cessation

Is it HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. Amwell adheres to a comprehensive Information Security Policy, dictated by HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules and the HITECH Act. This Policy dictates the acceptable handling of sensitive information, the proper management of our information assets, and our responsibilities around security and privacy obligations such as training, user access, and other tenets of the HIPAA and HITECH acts. The Policy dictates specifically how Amwell must store, process, and share data between itself and its client partners.

What makes Amwell different?

Amwell is a truly unique, best-in-class telehealth solution and physician network, with many features that are unavailable with other telehealth providers. Amwell is the only telehealth solution that offers:

  • Live video. Video visits are available 100% of the time, via web, mobile, or kiosk.
  • Seamless benefit integration. Integration is available with any carrier, allowing patients to access telehealth services at a copay level (just as they would with an in-person office visit).
  • Integrated mobile apps. Mobile exceeds all other communication channels on Amwell, as it truly allows patients to access live video visits wherever and whenever they need care.
  • Staffed, salaried medical group providing 24/7/365 access to clinical services. The average wait time is under 2 minutes and our staffed model enables unparalleled control over the quality of care.
  • Immediacy. . Importantly, Amwell is not a call-back model. Whether connecting via mobile, web, or kiosk, employees will use the same simple process to connect with a doctor: Patients sign in, review and select from a doctor from a list of available clinicians, and connect immediately for a live video visit.
  • Transparency and patient choice. Before each visit, patients review available clinicians and can choose who to speak with based on details such as where they went to medical school, specialties, number of years practicing medicine, and gender. Patients can also see the same doctor again for a future visit, establishing trust and driving satisfaction.
  • Network flexibility. Employers have the option to incorporate existing clinical staff (for example, clinicians who staff on-site clinics) to enhance existing programs and maximize investment in those areas
  • Continuity of care. Amwell’s platform maintains a health record for each patient, allowing treating clinicians to access to medication history, detailed health summaries, details from prior telehealth visits, etc. At the end of each visit, a comprehensive encounter record is shared with the patient, and they are encouraged to share the encounter with existing treating providers

Clinical Experience

Does Amwell have solutions for onsite care?

Yes. Amwell offers telehealth kiosks as an alternative or supplement to traditional work-site clinics. Also, employers with staffed work-site clinics can choose to allow those clinicians to practice on Amwell to treat remotely located employees and beneficiaries.

Who are the doctors on Amwell?

All physicians employed by the Online Care Group PC, and are U.S. Board-Certified, licensed and credentialed to NCQA and URAC standards. Online Care Group doctors have been practicing medicine for an average of 15 years. Amwell is the only telehealth service that works with a staffed medical group to provide clinical services by salaried physicians.

How do you ensure quality of care?

To ensure quality telehealth care delivery and a valuable patient experience, the Online Care Group developed a proprietary quality management program. The program includes five major components focused on physician selection and development, evidence-based medicine for common concerns addressed via telehealth, performance review metrics and procedures, clinical oversight, and operational standards. The Online Care Group can also provide consultative and operational services to medical groups that want to establish their own telehealth quality protocols and procedures.

How does Amwell ensure care continuity for patients?

Patients can access detailed documentation from their visits on Amwell, including chat transcript, prescriptions, diagnoses, and follow up recommendations, and are encouraged to share with their primary care physician and treating providers. Amwell also maintains a comprehensive health record for each patient that catalogs this information and can be shared with other doctors on Amwell in the future.

Amwell also gives clinicians many tools to support care continuity. During each visit, the clinician can record notes, diagnoses, procedures, medications, follow-up suggestions, and even provide referrals and sick slips. Additionally, provider recommendations (e.g., biometric measurements, articles, etc.) are captured in a patient “To-Do list”, which can be viewed at any time.

What specialties are available?

Amwell offers:

  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Registered Dietitians

Can employers use their own clinicians/health coaches?

Yes, this is a core capability of Amwell’s service for employers. Employers can incorporate existing contracted providers (e.g., on-site providers, nurse practitioners, wellness coaches), to maximize their reach, and consult with employees and/or beneficiaries wherever they are. Amwell is the only telehealth solution that can support this model.

What percent of visits lead to prescriptions?

Approximately 65% of consultations result in a documented prescription.

Employer Programs

What is required from employers to get started?

Getting started is easy. Employers are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will walk you through our turn-key process so you can launch your program in a few short weeks. Together you’ll complete an implementation guide to create your dedicated member portal, work with your health plan to integrate eligibility and claims processing, and tailor and execute a digital marketing program to support your program launch and ongoing utilization. And your Account Manager will work with you throughout the year to make sure you’re meeting your goals and the program is a success.

What type of employee/beneficiary engagement is offered?

Amwell offers a tailored marketing program to drive awareness, enrollment and ongoing utilization for employees. Our out-of-the-box, turn-key program includes pre-launch, launch and post-launch materials, including:

  • enrollment emails
  • direct mail print files
  • in-office posters and handout print files
  • intranet button and desktop icon
  • product updates and newsletter emails to enrolled members
  • post-visit surveys
  • monthly employer reports

How do employees/beneficiaries access the service?

Patients can use Amwell on their smartphones, tablets or computers. Apple and Android apps are free in the App Store and Google Play, and creating an account is quick and easy. If using a computer, the patient goes to and creates an account online. Both mobile and web accounts can easily be paired. Users can also create dependent accounts for their children. Once enrolled, a patient simply reviews the doctors who are available, enters his or her medical concern, selects a pharmacy, and connects for a live video visit.

What reporting is available?

Amwell offers employers monthly utilization and ROI reports to measure the success of the telehealth program.

How is eligibility verified?

Amwell’s system supports real-time 270/271 eligibility inquiry and response, through a partnership with Emdeon. When a patient enrolls, they provide their health plan and subscriber ID, and before each visit, will be presented with their responsibility for the visit cost. The remaining portion of the visit cost will be submitted as a claim, just as is done for in-person visits. This allows patients to only pay a co-pay for a visit on Amwell, and also allows members with high-deductible plans to apply telehealth visits to their accumulators.

Does this integrate with payers’ claims?

Yes. Through a partnership with Emdeon, Amwell supports automated 835/837 claims processing. Just as with an in-person visit, the claim amount is submitted and paid at the conclusion of each visit.

Does this count toward employees’/beneficiaries’ HSAs/FSAs?

Yes. Telehealth consultations are generally covered by health plans as a qualified expense for flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs). Amwell can accept payment from cards that are linked to any of the above accounts issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

What is the cost of the program?

There are two cost components to Amwell’s telehealth service:

  1. PEPM access fee. Each employer will pay a monthly fee of $0.35 PEPM. Please note that a monthly minimum of $1,000/month applies.
  2. Per consult fee. The cost for each consult is $49 for each visit with Online Care Group clinicians. If an employer elects to use their own providers in conjunction with the Online Care Group, the fee per consult will be $5, plus a credit card processing fee of ~2.5% of any amount collected via credit card.

For Amwell’s employer partners, there are no fees for implementing the service.

To see additional service information, click here

Can employers subsidize visits?

Yes. Visits can either be paid for out of pocket by the patient, or subsidized completely or partially by the employer. The patient will always only pay the cost that due to them at the time of the visit.

What percent of in-person visits does telehealth replace?

Amwell replaces 80% of in-person visits and 85% of visits with Amwell resolve the patient’s issue completely, with no need for any additional follow up care.